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         Haian Lianfa Cotton Spinning Co.,Ltd

    Brief Introduction
    Haian Lianfa Cotton Spinning Co.,Ltd was established in 2007. The company now has the capacity of 210,000 spindles and employment of 1100 people among which there are 200 technicians. The annual output of the company is 20,000 tons of various yarns which contribute to 800 million RMB annual value of production.

    Product Structure
    The company mainly processes and produces lint cotton as well as all kinds of top grade dyed yarns and stocking yarns ranging from 21S to 160S yarn count, covering cotton, linen, tencel, viscose, dralon and many other materials. The company also customizes ring spun yarn, compact spun yarn, slubby yarn, bleached yarn and spandex core-spun yarn, etc. We are also qualified for producing organic cotton and BCI cotton products.

    Most of our equipment are domestic or imported advanced machines, such as Schlofhorst from Germany, Savio automatic winder from Italy, Rieter comber and drawing frame, and JW spinning frame, etc. The advanced equipment enables automatic production in many processes to reduce labor intensity, increase efficiency and stabilize product quality.

    Quality Control
    With the installation of USTER evenness tester and other advanced detecting instruments from domestic and abroad, the company has set up a total quality management system which enables a whole processes control from raw materials to final goods. Thanks to the online trace and check system and ERP management system, our quality indexes exceed 5% USTER? STATISTICS, and rank in the industry’s leading level. Our products have been granted with Excellence Award of Dyed Yarn and High-quality Award of Dyed Yarn issued by National Cotton Manufacturing Industry Association.

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