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         The Enterprise Culture of Lianfa

        Enterprise culture is the soul of development of an enterprise. It heritages values and conduct standards of an enterprise. It derives the common values, inspiring all employees to pursue career and the passion of work. It drives the thriving business and sustainable development.
    Mission of Lianfa: Dream dreams, spread the civilization.
    vision of Lianfa: Be the world-class shirt fabric supplier and the first-class apparel brand domestically
    Key values of Lianfa: Be sensible, honest, industrious and creative.
    Philosophy of development:Success is to make  impossible possible.
    Philosophy of market: Market might thrive without the joining of Lianfa while Lianfa cannot develop out of market.
    Philosophy of customers: Keep customers with sincere heart.;make profit with professional work.
    Philosophy of management: aggressive ask for more

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